Hi! I am Kupriyanov Artem


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

My studies at MIPT

Yandex School of Data Analysis

My studies at YSDA

Massive Open Online Courses

Online courses, which I passed

Work experience

data scientist at pho.to

June, 2017 — February, 2018

My hackathons

BirthHack, 1st place (two nominations)

Microsoft Moscow, April 2018

FunHack, 1st place

Microsoft Moscow, January 2018

My projects


Recomendation system for pornstar models + deepfakes

In The Place

Recomendation system for interesting places in Moscow

Breaking Bet = Sport + ML

CEO Breaking Bet — predictive sports system

Get In Touch

Phone     8(999)850-20-68

Email     kupriyanovartem@yandex.ru